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Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC specializes in Industrial Video Surveillance PA DE NJ MD . Our clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey benefit from our Partnership with Avigilon. Avigilon holds more patents for video surveillance analytics than any other video surveillance company in the world. We Provide solutions in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilminigton, Trenton, Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem and beyond.

Industrial Video Surveillance analytics brings intelligence to video surveillance. Traditional Video Surveillance records on the pixel changes on the screen. These pixel changes can be caused by clouds passing by, rain, wind blowing, small animals, bugs, weather and other environmental factors.  Video Analytics utilize Sophisticated algorithms detect motion using patterns and eliminate frivolous motion events. Analytics save time money and human resources by reducing wasted time and improving the odds of finding facts promptly.

Industrial Video Surveillance utilizing Video Analytics makes your video surveillance easier to use with advanced search options such a vehicle and people search.  We provides advanced features for archive searching that makes for a quick search of incidents in specific areas of concern. Please contact us today for a demonstration of what Industrial Video Surveillance PA DE NJ MD and Video Analytics can do for you.

Industrial Video Analytics for perimeter protection and real-time notification of events in progress. The most critical element of Video Analytics is the ability of the Video Surveillance System to notify security, management, and staff of actors in real-time. Security experts all agree the best way to protect and prevent security risks is to intervene and de-escalate them while or before they happen.

Video Analytics provide accurate detection of unusual events, crowd gathering, items missing and left behind,  persons or vehicles in restricted areas. Any of these events are programmable for notification through alarms, text messages, emails. Notifications can be used to trigger a pre-recorded message, contact a shout down monitoring service, dispatch security and contact the authorities

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