Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security System requirements are universal, no matter the scale of an organization. NERSA’s extensive experience allows us to assist a broad range of commercial establishments – from small businesses and local management companies to multi-property owners, warehouses, and international management corporations.

Our staff will work with your management team to pinpoint the facility’s needs, develop solution-based structures, and customize an integrated security system. NRSEC combines superior security products, creative thinking, and leading security system technology to provide critical information in real time. All of this is supported by the dependable service of our highly trained and experienced technicians, and central station monitoring partner.

For further flexibility, our technology can also be integrated into existing business systems to provide secure access to lockers, locks, medical records, drug dispensing cabinets, time and attendance terminals, multifunctional printers, elevators, access control systems, and so much more.

Call today for your Commercial Security System Evaluation. We can handle all of your security needs including access control, alarms, entry systems, cctv upgrades,  video analytics and more.

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